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German Open 1 - 3 Jul

A self-funding trip to the Prestigious 2011 German Open Championships was organised by the Southern Gauteng Pistol Association who are affiliated to the South African Pistol Association.

The competition events were in both the Precision Pistol Course (PPC) and National Pistol Association (NPA) events.

This is an annual event and attended by top shooters from Germany, Austria, Canada, Sweden, America, Britain, Ireland, Australia and many more.

The shooters who took part are:

Mike Pieters (Protea)
Horst Wheihs (Protea)
William Chandler

Mike Pieters and Horst Wheihs being Protea shooters took part in the 1500 PPC Revolver team event and took gold for South Africa.

Mike had the following additional achievements.

Gold: Open Class Optical Service Pistol event.
Bronze: PPC 1500 revolver event.
Bronze: Open Class Super Magnum Optical event.

Horst also received Bronze in the Open Match

Something of particular interest is that Mike entered the Super Magnum event after receiving his Smith and Wesson 460 Magnum revolver and competed with it at the highest level for the first time in a competition and received a Bronze Medal.

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