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SATRA - Xth African Shooting Championships


The group consisting of 12 persons (8 shooters) left for Egypt on Friday 14 October 2011 and arrived in Cairo early on Saturday. We and the other South African’s (Air Rifle & Pistol) were met at the airport by officials of the ASSF. Communication was challenging as most of the Egyptians is not very conversant in English.

After about three hours we had our Temporary Fire Arm Licences and we departed to the Hotel. This was a unique experience and we will not complain about South African traffic/ drivers for a while.

We were taken to the Armed Forces Shooting Range where we stored our equipment. Thereafter it was booking into the Hotel and a much needed nap.

The Hotel accommodation was excellent as well as the meals.

Equipment checks were done on Sunday with practise sessions on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The height of the targets (back and front) differed up to 200mm. This was rectified by only using either the front or back target.

On Wednesday we had the Men Prone Pre Event Training.

On Thursday we had the Men Prone Qualification followed by the final (only quota shooters were allowed) and got the following results:

Freek Senore (Quota) – 538 + 99.2.9, Total 682.2, placed 3rd, Bronze medal

Rudi Myburgh (Quota) – 576 + 102.5, Total 678.5, placed 4th

Martin  Senore (Quota) – 581 + 95.5, Total 676.9, placed 5th

Casper Uys (MQS) – 583

Leon du Preez – (MQS) – 574

In the Team competition we were placed second with 1 point. We protested some of our scores as it differed from what we observed. The protest was successful and we were given another point and then were awarded the gold medal on a count out. Egypt received silver and Kenya bronze.

On Friday we had the 3P Men/ Women Pre Event Training.

On Saturday we had the 3P Men/ Women Qualification followed by the final (only quota shooters were allowed) and got the following results:


Hendrik du Plessis (Quota) – 1114 + 85.8, Total 1199.8, placed 3rd, Bronze medal

The peole could not believe that Hendrik is only 14 years old!

Martin Senore (Quota) – 1093 + 89.9, Total 1182.9, placed 5th

Freek Senore (Quota) – 1094 + 88.1, Total 1182.1, placed 6th

Casper Uys (MQS) – 1122 (lost 10 points due to a cross fire)

The Team competition were cancelled because only two Teams entered.

Casper received a set of cufflinks from the organizers for his honesty in declaring the cross fire.


Esmari van Reenen (Quota) – 576 + 89.4, Total 665.4, placed 1st, Gold medal

Riette Steenekamp  (Quota) – 422 + 92.2, Total 514.2, placed 5th

Riette was placed second after qualifying but was penalised with 120 points due to an infringement on her shooting jacket. It seems that the officials knew about the infringement before the match and did not address it. She was therefore not disqualified and allowed to shoot in the final. Riette had Velcro in her jacket to prevent it from forming a bubble which touched her rifle in the standing position.

The score obtained was not high and must be seen in the context that only two 100 scores were shot during the week. It is a combination of the range and windy conditions.

The Egyptian Coach was seen “coaching” his female shooters on two occasions and a formal protest was made. The Jury took the appropriate steps and this did not occur again.

We left on Sunday night, again assisted by our hosts, and arrived home on Monday morning.

We all had a good time and got the opportunity to see the normal tourist attractions. Although we were warned not to venture out of the Hotel, we did not observe any unrest activities. The only sign of problems was the burnt out building next to the museum.

Each of the three disciplines who participated had their own Manager. This worked well because of different disciplines shooting at different times. We could however in future co-ordinate the planning between different disciplines as this could save costs and streamline communication with the organizing body.