IPRF World Cup Report


Dear Hennie and Christie

Team SA’s campaign at the inaugural International Precision Rifle Federation ( IPRF) world championship went very well.

26 countries competed in the match.

The team hit the ground in France with approx. 65kgs of gear each which is no small feat to manage via plane, train and little euro rental cars. The record heat wave in France meant that the first few days were in the 35-37’C range making things tricky as the hotels had no air conditioning and getting everyone hydrated was essential.

Trying to maintain focus for such a long period in high heat is a challenge and you could see fatigue setting in for all competitors at the match by the second day, as simply carrying enough water for the day is difficult, but thankfully our team SA were no strangers to a bit of heat.

Our shooters were split into squads, and this proved a great opportunity to get to know other competitors from around the world.

The camaraderie between shooters was fantastic, easily transcending language barriers.

The event was held at a French Military base in Bitche, France.

The surrounding terrain was heavily forrested, resulting in some really challenging wind and mirage conditions! Wind was from 12 O Clock and fishtailing. On an average target size of just over 1 moa this made things interesting, especicially when it switched during a stage.

South Africa achieved the following divisional team results:

Senior Open: 1st

Ladies: 2nd

Factory: 2nd

Limited: 5th


Overall it was an incredible event and recived extensive global coverage within the shooting community. The scoring was live on the “ Ultimate Ballistics” website so supporters from around the world were able to follow in real time. We had a continuous stream of messages from our supporters back in SA!

After the prizegiving on the final day, an IPRF AGM meeting was held in order to vote on exco positions and on the host for the 2024 IPRF World Championships.

Perry De Gouveia Vice Chairman of SAPRF was appointed as Vice Chairman of the IPRF.

Four countries, including South Africa submitted proposals to host the 2024 World Championships.

South Africa and the USA made it through to the final round of voting. South Africa then beat the USA by 20 votes to 12  to be awarded the 2024 Championships.

SAPRF has allready constituted a working committee for this match. It is our intention to hold it on a facility right next to Sun City.   We are planning for over 300 shooters at the event, along with supporters and families.

We believe this is a huge boost for the sport of Precision Rifle in SA, as well as having a positive effect on tourism. We have gone to great lengths to position the event and venue as family friendly, with the aim of getting competitors to bring supporters and family along and making a holiday of it.

The 2022 IPRF word championships served to take the sport of precision rifle and elevate it to an international platform, cementing the base upon which to grow what has over the past few years become the fastest growing shooting sport in the world!

South Africa, as a founder member of the IPRF has been a key driver behind the growth of the organisation, and looks forward to bringing competitors together again in 2024.

Yours Sincerely

Grant Anderson


2019 WRABF World Championship Report

South Africa participated in and hosted the 4th WRABF World Championships in Pretoria at the Krokodilspruit shooting range from 5 to 15 August 2019. 15 countries participated in this event with 150 competitors fighting for top honors.
According to competitors this was the best hosted World Championship event ever. The organization went flawlessly from start to end. This is something South Africa can be very proud of. For the first time ever the entire event was streamed live over the internet and any person anywhere in the world could watch the competition from start to finish. Nashua came to the party and sponsored this live streaming.

Muzzle Loaders Associations International Confederation Short-Range World Championships

“After complying with all the required trial and selection criteria, SASCOC awarded Protea Colours to the team to participate in the 28th MLAIC Short-Range Muzzle Loading World Championships in Eisenstaedt, Austria, from to 19 to 25 August 2018. A total of 25 countries were represented (Argentina, Australia, Austria [host country], Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Slovak Republic, Sweden and the United States of America) with a total of 395 competitors participating in 2073 individual senior events and 17 individual junior events.”

Read more here:

13th IMSSU World Champioship

“It was a very successful tour for SAMSSA. The team brought back 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 10 Bronze medals.
One of the team members, Barry Grobbelaar, was crowned as the best shooter of the competition and won a
Sako Rifle.
This was also the first time in the history of SAMSSA than U20 competitors participated overseas. The
U20’s came back with a new hunger to do better and broader vision that will not only lead to successes in
shooting, but also in life.
As team manager I would like to firstly thank SASSCo and SASCOC for their assistance: -making this
possible for us and secondly for each team member who were all well behaved and focussed on doing their

SAARA Munich Tour

Johan Pienaar
Pierre Basson
Barto Pienaar
16 Mei – 23 Mei 2017

Op 16 Mei 2017 vertrek die toerspan op n direkte SAL vlug saam met ouers om aan die ISSF Munich Wêreld Beker
wedstryd te gaan deelneem. Ons word die volgende oggend op die lughawe ontmoet deur n wedstryd
verteenwoordiger wat ons direk na die skietbaan neem om ons wapens te stoor en daarna te neem na die hotel.
Die middag keer ons terug na die baan om die toerusting inspeksie en registrasie af the handel. Alles is in plek en die
skuts ervaar geen probleme met toerusting inspeksie nie. Dit is interessant om sien hoe al die beste meetinstrumente
toegepas word, asook n spesiale apparaat om die afmetings van die geweer te toets. Met die nuutste weergawe van die
ISSF reels is daar n groot aantal veranderlikes wat gemeet moet word.